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«The way joints are treated in the USA makes me afraid.» A famous Japanese rheumatologist gave a frank interview to an American publication

Dr. Kiritani Hiroto serves as Director of Innovation and Research at the world-renowned Tokyo Center for Rheumatology and Neuroscience.

There is a single cause of joint disease, but American doctors seem to completely ignore it.

Dr. Kiritani Hiroto: “Doctors in the United States persistently use outdated and ineffective medications for joint diseases, which requires lifelong adherence to the treatment regimen. In Japan, joints are treated as simply as a cold.”


Last year, Kiritani Hiroto was in the United States to exchange experiences with American colleagues. He notes that he was extremely surprised by what he saw and does not know how to explain it. According to Hiroto , rheumatology in the United States ceased its development in the middle of the last century.

After several interviews in Japan, Dr. Kiritani Hiroto agreed to share his thoughts with our American publication. He expressed concern about American medicine, focusing on the treatment of joint diseases and the grim outlook for those who suffer from such diseases.

Addressing Japanese journalists, Dr. Kiritani Hiroto expressed deep shock at the practices he encountered during his visit to the United States

First of all, I would like to say that I am fascinated by the USA as a country, its culture, people and I come to this country every year with my family. But the state of medicine here is truly shocking to Japanese doctors. At least when it comes to treating diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system. Your medications are at least 20 or even 30 years late. It can be said that rheumatology as a science does not exist in the United States.


Look what doctors recommend for the treatment of joints in the USA: Viprosal, Ibuprofen, Voltaren, Fastum, Diclofenac, Teraflex, Nurofen and other similar drugs.


However, these drugs do NOT treat joints, they only relieve the symptoms of the disease: pain, inflammation, swelling. Now imagine what is happening in the body. When you apply an anesthetic or give an injection, the pain goes away. But when the product wears off, the pain immediately returns.


Pain is an important symptom indicating the presence of a pathological process in the joint. Simply by drowning out the pain, we stop noticing the destruction of the joints, because there is no more pain signal. The destruction process accelerates 3 to 5 times and ultimately leads to irreversible changes, complete immobility and disability.


This method of eliminating joint pain has not been used in Japan for more than 20 years. Painkillers are used only in extreme cases, very rarely and with great caution. In Japan, they are sold only with a prescription and under the strict supervision of a doctor.


So-called «chondroprotectors» are completely banned because they are completely fraudulent and useless drugs.


Your doctors and pharmacists do nothing but harm people’s health! It is obvious that it is much more convenient to constantly sell overpriced products to eliminate symptoms than to completely cure a disease or a sore joint, but this is horrible!


What's the status of joint treatment in Japan?

All Japanese doctors, from professors of rheumatology to ordinary general practitioners and paramedics, have long realized that it is necessary to eliminate not the effects of the disease, but its causes. This is a guarantee of complete, quick and safe cure. What is the main cause of joint injuries? It is the deposition of urea crystals in the joints, due to reduced and poor circulation of blood and synovial fluid.


Urates are salts of uric acid that cause gout.


Osteophytes, calcified salts, are the cause of the other 97% of joint and spine diseases. We are talking about all types of arthritis and arthrosis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, bursitis and even hygroma. All these pathologies have a cause: the deposition of osteophytes.


Salts deposited on joint surfaces act like sandpaper, grinding down the surrounding tissues: bone and cartilage. As the salt crystals grow, they begin to traumatize muscle tissue, tendons, blood vessels and capillaries. This causes inflammation, infection, swelling and severe pain.


In advanced cases, large accumulations of these salts can easily break part of the bone with sudden movement, resulting in total disability and complete immobilization of the joint.


A dangerous misconception is that calcium is good for joints. Yes, it is true, calcium is beneficial, but only for healthy joints. When joints are already aching or creaking, it means that a layer of osteophytes has already formed and calcium, in addition to strengthening bone tissue, also strengthens these osteophyte salts, aggravating and accelerating their growth.


For this reason, Japanese rheumatologists first restore blood circulation in the affected joint to remove salts accumulated over the years. This, in turn, restores normal circulation of synovial fluid and starts the process of joint tissue repair.


In fact, human joints are very regenerative, they are able to repair themselves like a lizard’s tail. They just need a little help to get rid of the salts «trapped» in them, and the process will go well.


In the 1990s, Swiss scientists succeeded in obtaining a special form of Vitamin B called alpha-arthropherol. It is obtained by synthesizing natural ingredients: snake venom, Siberian deer antlers, shark oil and a series of more than 100 different extracts. Siberian deer antler extract is a substance that provides active growth of the animal’s antlers. Its main task is to create new bone tissue. Can you imagine the biological power of such a mechanism? Until now, there is nothing more effective for activating blood circulation in bones and joints.


This substance is able to penetrate the salt molecules and destroy them from the inside: as a result, the joint surface is cleaned, blood flow and synovial fluid circulation are restored. FOREVER! Or rather, until the salt accumulates again (which will take decades). You no longer need to constantly take medication for pain and inflammation. Don’t worry if a joint is permanently «paralyzed», it will become completely immobile and require prosthetics. It takes decades for people to become fully healthy.

When I saw the U.S. medical statistics, I freaked out. Do you know what the most common cause of disability in the US is? It’s not cancer, AIDS or diabetes, it’s osteoarthritis! The simplest osteoarthritis, which in Japan can be cured in 2-3 weeks with fairly cheap products, in the US leads to disability!


Today in Japan, joint diseases are not considered dangerous pathologies, unless, of course, there are serious traumatic injuries: fractures, cracks, etc. Pain and inflammation in the joints only indicate that they are «polluted» with salts and it is time to clean them. After a monthly «cleaning» cycle, the joints return to normal and these problems can be forgotten for the next decade.


Joint diseases, which in the United States try to «cure» separately, in Japan have long been grouped into one disease «Deposita salis» (deposition of salts in the joints). This disease includes:


  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Rheumatism
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bursitis
  • Synovitis
  • Hygroma
  • Gout


This is a very short list, but the other diseases are just subtypes of these nine major diseases. For example, coxarthrosis is a subspecies of osteoarthritis, etc.


And all this long list of diseases can be cured with a very simple and trivial cleaning of the joints. It is absolutely safe, does not even require medical intervention and can be performed at home.

How do you clean your joints in Japan?

Today there are special products designed to clean seams from salt deposits. They contain alpha-arthropherol. For example, FlexiEase is an excellent product. It contains alpha-arthropherol in a special form that is easily absorbed, which makes this product more effective.


Another important advantage of FlexiEase is that it contains a complex of arthritic, macro- and micro-vitamins designed to improve the function of joint tissues. In other words, it has a complex healing effect on bone and cartilage tissue, synovial fluid, muscle fibers, ligaments and tendons. Resulting in a comprehensive and complete action, it is an incredible product.


FlexiEase includes more than 50 components. I will not list them all, but only the main ones:


Mountain arnica flower extract – accelerates the regeneration of joint tissues.
menthol – strengthens and tones cartilage tissue, increases its elasticity, increases resistance to abrasion


To the best of our knowledge, FlexiEase is not sold in pharmacies in the United States.


Right. American doctors prefer to prescribe large amounts of anesthetics and chondroprotectants to the public instead of doing the treatment themselves.


Undoubtedly, American rheumatologists, at least those interested in progressive treatments, are aware of FlexiEase and its potential for recovery. But they do not risk prescribing a drug that treats the disease fundamentally, otherwise they will lose patients.


As far as I know, the manufacturer of FlexiEase wanted to enter the American market. But he was not allowed to do so, having come up with hundreds of obstacles (bureaucracy in the USA has no limits). It is clear: if this product appears in pharmacies, pharmacies will suffer huge losses. Pharmacology today is just a business, even in Japan, but in Japan it is controlled by the state, and I would not want to judge what is happening in the US, everyone knows better than me.


The documented effects of treatment speak for themselves:


Week 1: immediate pain relief; restoration of comfort and ease of walking


Week 2: intensive reconstruction of cartilage and synovial fluid; disappearance of stiffness, numbness and creaking of bones


Week 3: 87% strengthening of joints, tendons and muscles; elimination of swelling and inflammation


Week 4: Resolution of joint and spine arthritis; Restore 100% mobility

What advice would you give to Americans suffering from joint pain?

Ordinary people, especially those over the age of 50, are the most affected by not taking their medications on time. It is not their fault, but the health care system.


But, fortunately, there is a way out. A special official website has been created so that anyone in America can order FlexiEase practically for free!


We have been distributing FlexiEase for three months now. Several thousand Americans have already taken advantage of this opportunity. We asked all patients who have received FlexiEase to rate the effectiveness of the product on a scale of 1 to 10. So far, over 3,000 people have responded to the survey and the average rating of the product is 9.97 out of 10.


As you can see, FlexiEase has helped thousands of Americans regain mobility and pain relief for almost free!

How long can the promotional spread of this fantastic product last?

Until the lot selected and for sale is complete. But I want to warn you that there are only a few units left. Orders are increasing every day. Word of mouth is working, people are sharing information, giving advice to friends, ordering products for family members. We did not expect that information about FlexiEase would spread so quickly in the USA.


I advise anyone with joint problems to send a request to the FlexiEase website for each offer before the deadline. And always remember that our health is the most important and precious thing we have.

There is a special offer for our readers: you can order FlexiEase absolutely free!

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