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Albert Einstein’s Unique Tip Has Been Helping Prevent Memory Loss!

What can Albert Einstein teach you about preventing memory loss and even dementia?


After Albert Einstein died, a Princeton researcher studied his brain and discovered it was very different than the average brain.

Not in size or weight, but in its vast number of neural cells and connections. In other words, Albert Einstein had a dense brain.

How can that help you? You’ll be surprised.

Einstein lived to a ripe old age — dying of a stomach aneurysm brought on by too much pipe smoking — but even in his advanced years his thinking skills remained highly effective.

That’s because his neural cells and connections were so vast and dense that the type of brain decline we associate with dementia could never get a foothold and cause damage. And thus Einstein retained his considerable mental capacity to the very end.

According to Dr. Will Mitchell — a leading authority on brain health and the author of The Unbreakable Brain… “Memory loss is really just a loss of brain cells and its connections.”

“But the good news,” says Dr. Mitchell, “is you can build more neural cells and connections at any age.” And you don’t have to be a genius to do it.

In a special video presentation, Dr. Mitchell has outlined 8 specific things you can do to build up your brain to stay sharp, retain its memory recall, and resist decline and disease.

In his presentation, he also includes a case study of a woman who made a complete recovery from “severe cognitive decline” by doing many of these same things.

The 8 things Dr. Mitchell recommends are easy to do, and even fun. See them here >>>

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