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Cardiologist: Too much belly fat? Do this before bed (Watch!)

It's Being Called “The Lazy Way” To Lose Weight. Watch Details in Viral Video.

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by Patrysha Rikuru, M.D. My Health Tips Staff Friday, April 12, 2024
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A top US Nutritional Research team has rocked the billion dollar diet industry by releasing details of their explosive “overnight” weight loss method.


The team describes its findings as “the lazy way” to lose weight, as it involves no exercise, and no specific (and hunger-inducing) diets to follow.


Instead, it relies on specific body chemistry ignited by a simple routine change, and literally starts working overnight.


The method is so simple, and so easy to do, that the release of the findings was delayed several months as the team double and triple checked their data, relying on stringent peer review, to make sure their findings were correct.

When we first discovered this, it was so astonishingly simple that it fell into the “too good to be true” category. It was right in front of us all this time. We peer-reviewed to exhaustion to make sure we were right. And we are. This is life changing for millions of people. Hans Meyer, Lead Researcher


Diet Industry Caught Off Guard

The findings were released last year, but one reason this may be the first time you are hearing about it is the diet industry has lobbied at every turn to keep this information from getting out.


No wonder – the diet industry is a 175-Billion-dollar industry, and they stand to lose everything. But like any revolutionary discovery, they cannot keep this from eventually getting out. If they take this page down, another will come up eventually.


(view the video to learn the method before it gets taken down)


One reason the information will get out is the thousands of people its helped already. Let’s meet a few of them: Jenny, 36, was always “a little chubby” as she put it. But after 30 she started gaining more weight, mostly right in her stomach (one of the hardest places to lose weight).


Within one week of trying the method, she lost 6 pounds. Fast forward two months, and Jenny is now (as she calls it) “model thin”. Her total weight loss was 47 pounds, all of it unsightly fat.

Results may vary

“The weight literally melted from my belly, arms, and thighs. I ate almost like I did before, and never deprived myself of anything. And I hate exercise so I didn’t do any. I literally felt my body burning fat, and it was (and is) wonderful!”

And Jenny is not alone!

How Did This Weight Loss Methos Help Other People?

Check out Cheri, who lost a whopping 68 lbs. in 44 days.

Results may vary

“I watched the video, and figured why not try this? I was stuck in my fat little body since I was a teenager. This worked great for me.”
__Cheri H (29)

But it’s not just “bikini bodies” that this method helps. Check out Rose (58) who finally lost that stubborn 24 lbs around her middle, butt, and thighs.

Results may vary

“I lost some weight last year by giving up drinking, but I just could not lose that final 20 lbs. or so around my belly and butt no matter what I did. Salads, daily walks, nothing helped. But watching that video changed everything and it only took a few weeks too.”
__Rose Martin

And it’s not just the ladies who benefit from watching the video. This is Cole after just THREE WEEKS!

Results may vary

“I admit I am lazy. No gym for me and I like pizza. And while I didn’t think I was “fat” I was definitely what you would call “soft”. I am soft no more thanks to this video I watched. It’s really cool and it really works”

__Cole P (27)

Watch The Video Before It vanishes!

We managed to contact the research team and obtain a copy of their video for public viewing. Like we mentioned, they are fighting the diet industry to get this information out. We expect a cease-and-desist letter any day. But until then, we want as many people to watch it as possible.


Click Below to Watch The Video

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